Emily Ganiko

Emily Ganiko, an Emergency Transport Nurse, found that StaffGarden Grow made applying to the CLP rewarding in every way.

Professional development made easy.

Emily, an Emergency Transport Nurse at a major pediatric hospital in Southern California, offers a frontline perspective on the impact of StaffGarden's Grow platform. Her experience highlights the platform's role in facilitating collaboration and transparency, easing the application process for leveling, and fostering a positive shift in how the CLP is perceived among nursing staff.

Collaboration is easier. We can upload and forward materials instantly to get signoffs, managers can see checkmarks and what needs to be approved, [and] the program has increased our collaboration. When we switched to StaffGarden, I immediately noticed how much easier it was, much smoother, [and] applying for additional levels was easy because everything submitted prior was still saved.

Nurses talk.

Emily witnessed firsthand the cultural shift brought about by the introduction of StaffGarden Grow to her hospital. The new CLP platform increased collaboration, eased the application process, and made clinical ladder participation more positive and rewarding.

In the past, [the CLP] was just seen as extra work, but now I hear more comments on how much easier and nicer it is to start, maintain and advance, [it’s] a lot more positive… Paper was so much work that nurses shied away from it, but now that it's easier, people are more willing to join in and encourage others.

Rewarding in every way.

Nurses are already doing so much work, [so] why not get recognized and honored for it? You don't really know how much you've done until you see it on paper [so why not] get that pay bump increase? [It’s] much easier than before.

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