Carol Gabala

Carol Gabala found that retaining just 3 nurses completely covered the cost of StaffGarden Grow for Bon Secours Mercy Health.

A passion for advancing CLPs.

Carol, System Director for Nursing Practice & Professional Development, brings a wealth of experience on advancing CLPs. Her journey with StaffGarden's Grow platform for Bon Secours Mercy Health reflects a deep commitment to finding solutions that work across diverse organizational structures. Carol’s vision and leadership offer a compelling narrative on the platform's adaptability and its role in enhancing the nursing practice.

Bringing expertise to the table.

It was the most seamless, painless process. [StaffGarden] experts [are] competent. Follow-up and follow through? Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal… They have vision and ideas, they are able to inform you as you're building the structure and platform, ways that may work better for you, ways that they've seen work better, ways that I hadn't even thought of… I don't do IT, I don't build platforms, but they have ideas as a vendor to say 'consider this.' It's not just 'Can they do what you want?' but 'Are they bringing expertise to the table that's going to elevate what you're trying to accomplish? And I feel like they've really been able to do that with us.

Dramatic returns on investment.

[Bon Secours Mercy Health’s] consultant group built an ROI model using data from our [previous] CLP, new program costs, StaffGarden costs… and found that retaining just three nurses a year completely covers the cost of the program for StaffGarden.

Dynamic reportability.

Digitization of the platform with no reporting capabilities wouldn't have worked. I oversee Magnet [Recognition] at the org level, so I need to be able to access rich data. Synergy systemwide correlating to improvements was big for me and for the CNOs. Being able to track this data… highlighted a huge gap in knowing how many were on the clinical ladder, and being able to tie recruitment and retention into a digital platform was now going to give us that in great detail.

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