Barbra Turner

Barbra Turner reshaped the clinical ladder structure at Bon Secours Mercy Health, with insights into the implementation process.

Empowering nurses.

Barbra, Director of Nursing Practice and Education, has been a driving force in reshaping the clinical ladder structure at Bon Secours Mercy Health. With an unwavering passion for empowering nurses, Barbra’s insights into the barriers and opportunities encountered in the implementation process offer valuable guidance to healthcare leaders.

Building a better CLP.

My initial thoughts on StaffGarden? This is the one. Saw it and instantly fell in love with the cloud-based system, accessibility from nurses' devices, and customizability.

Barbra’s passion for clinical ladders was throttled by the inability to find one suitable in the market for the past eight years. She wanted something that would work across an organization with a lot of variation in the system, the clinical ladder structure, and availability (so binders were out).

All nurses wanna do great things, so it's our responsibility as leaders to take some of those barriers and roadblocks out of their way so that they can do something that's great, that is going to make them feel great at the end of the day and create positive patient outcomes, and I feel like clinical ladder provides them with the empowerment to be able to do those things and to really take their own professional practice to that next step.

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