Redefining Competency Management

Mike Altier
July 24, 2023

Current Challenges in Technological Competency

Today, around 75% of healthcare organizations find it increasingly difficult to manage technological competency due to rapid advancements in the sector. Traditional competency management tools can't keep up, resulting in serious implications for patient care.

The inadequacy of current competency management solutions is an immediate crisis affecting patient care. Medical errors, often tied to staff unfamiliarity with new technologies, underline the urgent need for a better approach.

"The shortcomings of current competency management solutions aren't mere inconveniences—they're directly impacting patient care."

StaffGarden: Revolutionizing Technological Competency Management

Emerging as a beacon of innovation, StaffGarden offers a fresh, dynamic approach to competency management. Its uniqueness lies in adapting to the continuous evolution of healthcare technologies, fostering a culture of constant learning, a stark contrast to static platforms on the market.

The StaffGarden Difference: A Progressive, User-Centric Learning Ecosystem

Delving deeper into what sets StaffGarden apart, it's crucial to understand that StaffGarden is not just another tool. It's a forward-thinking platform designed with the nuances of healthcare in mind, focusing on progressive learning and continuous adaptation.

StaffGarden's digital competency model enables individualized learning plans, facilitating mastery of new technologies through a two-pronged approach: 'Onboarding Competency' and 'Annual Competency'. This model takes into account not only the technical skills required but also the context, frequency, and manner of their application.

Onboarding Competency involves a precepted, return demonstration approach. Employees' competencies are observed, evaluated, and if needed, remediated - a far cry from traditional checklist systems. In the case of skills requiring practice, StaffGarden's platform automatically manages remediation, assigning a new return demonstration with only the skills needing attention.

Annual Competency, on the other hand, doesn't merely repeat onboarding assessments but creates targeted competency assessments relevant to specific organizational units and job codes. StaffGarden aids in managing this process by scoring items based on priority, outcome, and time-sensitivity.

In both cases, the competency management system is dynamic, flexible, and encourages ongoing learning - making StaffGarden a leader in this space.

"StaffGarden isn't just a tool—it's a revolutionary platform that promotes continual skill update and mastery of new technologies, driving a progressive culture in healthcare."

A Proactive Strategy for Technological Advancements: The StaffGarden Vision

StaffGarden's approach goes beyond merely reacting to changes. It enables healthcare organizations to anticipate and proactively adapt to advancements. This dynamic ecosystem supports organizations in becoming leaders in healthcare technology.

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, it's more important than ever to reevaluate your current competency management processes. The competency of your staff isn't just about fulfilling necessary requirements—it's about elevating the quality of patient care and staying ahead in a landscape defined by technological innovation.

Ask yourself: Is your current process dynamic, flexible, and proactive? Does it empower your staff with the skills they need not just today, but tomorrow? These questions are critical to your organization's future success.

We invite you to explore these queries further with the team at StaffGarden. Our team of experts is ready to help you review and enhance your current practices, leveraging the power of digital competency for a more efficient, effective approach to continuous learning in healthcare. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can work together to revolutionize your approach to competency management, for the betterment of your team and the patients they serve. Remember, it's not just about keeping pace—it's about leading the way.

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