Overcoming the Hurdles of Digital Transformation with StaffGarden

Keri Chen
November 1, 2023

New Insights from Becker's Healthcare on Digital Innovation

A recent survey by Becker’s Hospital Review found 69% of participants ranked digital innovation and transformation as a high priority, signaling a collective recognition of its importance.

We at StaffGarden have been at the forefront of this digital transition with our Clinical Success Cloud, a comprehensive solution that automates organizations’ entire clinical ladder and competency processes. Let’s walk through the digital transformation challenges and goals most commonly cited by healthcare organizations.

Defining Business Goals

Survey respondents identified 3 primary business goals they aim to achieve through digital transformation:

  1. Greater Operational Efficiencies: Digital solutions can streamline workflows, reduce administrative overhead, and optimize resource allocation.
  2. Better Patient Health Outcomes: Digital transformation enables healthcare providers to enhance patient outcomes through data-driven decisions, personalized care plans, and improved communication.
  3. Lower Costs/More Revenue: Digital innovation can help mitigate expenses and identify revenue-generating opportunities as healthcare costs continue to rise.

To accelerate these goals, survey participants identified three key areas where they need resources: more integrated systems and better interoperability (53%); more resources for strategy development and planning (51%); and more robust data management or analytics (46%). Here’s how StaffGarden tackles them:

Integrated Systems and Better Interoperability

StaffGarden’s platform offers integration capabilities to ensure seamless compatibility with existing healthcare systems and better interoperability with third-party applications, SSOs, and ERPs including Workday, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Genesis, Infor (Lawson), UKG, Okta, and Microsoft Azure (to name a few).

Resources for Strategy Development and Planning

StaffGarden’s platform provides strategic workforce planning and development, helping healthcare organizations map their path to clinical excellence on every level. Our platform provides over 40 reports to gain an in-depth analysis of program metrics including individual employee, departmental, and compliance reports (not to mention an entire in-house team dedicated to making sure your program is tailored to your needs and can be implemented without a hitch!)

Robust Data Management and Analytics

Data management is at the core of what we do at StaffGarden. All reports and data are stored in a centralized location, ensuring data integrity, eliminating data silos, and facilitating collaboration across departments and teams. This centralized storage ensures that all users have access to up-to-date, accurate data, reducing the need for manual data entry and eliminating the risk of data errors.

Overcoming Challenges

While the desire for digital transformation is evident, healthcare organizations cite a number of challenges to making it happen. The top barriers include budget constraints (80%), too many competing priorities (60%), and a lack of staff to implement new solutions (57%). Here’s how we’re addressing them:

Better for Your Budget.

Based on data from existing StaffGarden customers, nurses who participate in clinical ladder programs turnover at a 60% lower rate by gaining a sense of professional growth and job satisfaction. This saves hospitals thousands of dollars in hiring, onboarding, and training costs for every nurse engaged in the program that would have otherwise left. One large municipal hospital system did the math and found that StaffGarden’s clinical ladder platform would save them $68 million in retention costs alone after just 4 years of program implementation!

Visualize your Priorities.

StaffGarden’s Grow provides visibility for preceptors and administrators to easily monitor the status of all nurses' applications and track their progress at a glance. Through features such as automated notifications and a range of options for preceptee submission formats, we tear down the walls of paperwork blocking your visibility of what’s important. We help your hospital gain insight and perspective into the state of your nursing staff, allowing you to focus on moving the needle on your hospital’s priorities.

No Staff? No Problem.

StaffGarden steps up. Our platform not only optimizes clinical workflows and provides solutions that maximize resources while minimizing costs; we train for, set up, and market your newly digital clinical ladder. We’ll walk you through your ladder from beginning to end, with customized onboarding, IT support, security, legal, and more, drastically reducing the staffing barrier that system implementations commonly face.

We Make Digital Transformation Happen.

The Becker's Healthcare survey paints a clear picture of healthcare's digital transformation journey, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As healthcare organizations strive to enhance clinical excellence, streamline operations, and improve patient care, solutions like StaffGarden are poised to play a crucial role in facilitating this transformation. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and support healthcare organizations on their path to clinical excellence.

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