ANCC Magnet 2023: StaffGarden's Key Takeaways

October 17, 2023

This year’s ANCC Magnet 2023 conference was insightful. We engaged in discussions with our current and potential partners, delving into critical areas such as digital clinical ladder, competency management, robust reporting, new nurse onboarding management, education/certification tracking, peer review, and more!

We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who stopped by to say hello; it was an incredible experience to meet everyone in person. We gained some incredible insights into the state of digital transformations in healthcare, and learned how we at StaffGarden can not only help to ease the transition, but play a critical role in helping organizations reach their digitization goals.

The Digital Revolution in Clinical Laddering

Our opening line at many conferences goes like this: “Does your hospital still use paper for your clinical ladder? Does your hospital’s digital solution just mean SharePoint and Google Drive?” Many of those we spoke to made it clear that they aren’t satisfied with their existing outdated clinical ladder programs – even those with a “digital” ladder expressed frustration at their program’s built-in barriers, despite calls for digital transformation from top hospital leaders.

They also emphasized that the growing interest in transitioning to a fully digital clinical ladder isn’t just a “nice-to-have” anymore – hospitals are increasingly realizing the need for change, now. And not just a shift in the way information is stored; hospital administrators crave a fundamental transformation aimed at enhancing hospital efficiency and reducing retention rates. 

We at StaffGarden have been at the forefront of this transition with Grow, our comprehensive solution that automates the entire clinical ladder process, enhancing critical factors including visibility and accessibility all while giving every organization the ability to customize to their organizations needs and goals.  

Why Digital Competency Management Matters

The distinction between "digital" and "automated" is not just a matter of semantics; it's about achieving transformative results. Automation empowers healthcare systems to elevate clinical excellence by removing the clutter of spreadsheets and SharePoints. It's about creating streamlined, efficient processes that save time and resources, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters – patient care. 

StaffGarden Grow is intricately designed to align with and enhance each of the Magnet Model’s core components, facilitating hospitals in attaining and maintaining Magnet recognition. With features that promote transformational leadership, structural empowerment, and exemplary professional practice, Grow aids in efficient documentation, comprehensive analytics, and fostering innovation and quality in nursing care.

The Power of Customizability

StaffGarden’s Grow stands out in the realm of digital competency and clinical ladder platforms through our unmatched level of customizability. We understand that every healthcare team has unique needs, processes, and visions. With Grow, you don’t need to sacrifice your existing professional development system to achieve the transparency and recognition that a digital solution provides: our team of in-house engineers will work with you to ensure that your customized clinical ladder platform will be easy for you to implement at your hospital.

We create a system for you that is easily digestible for new nurses, nurses already on the ladder, and administrators alike to both understand and thrive within. This level of adaptability allows for a transformation that seamlessly fits your organization's requirements and preferences. StaffGarden’s Grow is a solution that aligns perfectly with your team's workflow without the need to bog down your existing IT personnel, shortening the timeline from ideation to execution. 

Enhancing Nurse Accessibility and Visibility

StaffGarden’s Grow provides accessibility for nurses on the clinical ladder to truly understand their current position and future trajectory within your hospital’s leveling system. At the same time, we offer visibility for preceptors and administrators to easily monitor the status of all nurses' applications and track their progress at a glance. 

Through features such as automated notifications and a range of options for preceptee submission formats, we help the clinical ladder become what it should be: something exciting and rewarding for nurses, administrators, and everyone in between. This is crucial for the clinical ladder to actually do what it’s supposed to do: facilitate nurse-driven progress within hospital systems to ensure the highest standard of patient care and provide staff nurses with recognition and financial rewards. That’s how we get your hospital to Magnet status and beyond.

Closing Thoughts

The ANCC Magnet 2023 conference was an amazing opportunity for us to engage with our partners and share our vision for a more efficient and digitally advanced healthcare system. 

To show our appreciation to our valued StaffGarden customers, we gave away 150 gift boxes at our booth to nurses, nurse leaders, and ladder administrators from valued partners such as Inova, Children's Hospital of Orange County, AdventHealth, and many others. We were thrilled to connect with those who visited our booth to share their program experiences or learn more about how StaffGarden can benefit their hospital. Plus, our succulents drew quite the crowd!

As we move forward, we are excited to continue revolutionizing the clinical ladder experience and supporting healthcare organizations in their journey toward clinical excellence. We invite you to book a demo of StaffGarden Grow with us at, where our team of experts will walk you through the customizable features, user-friendly interface, and ability to enhance workforce development strategies that can help streamline competency management, save time and money, and improve patient care outcomes.

Thank you to everyone who made this conference a success, and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. Stay connected with us on our social media pages and join us in person at our upcoming conferences:

1. Florida Organization for Nursing Leadership (FONL) on November 8-10

2. Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing on November 11-15

3. Oklahoma Hospital Association on November 29-December 1

See you again soon!

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