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Customizable from beginning to end. Choose your program name, structure, approvals, scoring systems, visibility, and more. We'll handle the rest.

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Your Program, Your way

Tell us what you want, and we'll build it with you.

Customizable templates, automated reminders, and collaboration tools make the evaluation process faster and more efficient.

Automated Assignments
Effortlessly manage competency evaluations with Roots. Save time and money spent on manual assignment tasks, and let the platform do it for you.
Customized Approvals
Flexible application approval configuration, requested approvals, multi-step application approvals, and more. You've got options.
Flexible Evidence Systems
Roots is built to handle a wide range of evidence formats, letting you design assessments that align with your hospital’s existing competency structure.
User Visibility
Set user permissions levels for visibility into insights and reports at the department level, system level, and beyond.

Customizable at every step.


Dedicated Onboarding

StaffGarden's in-house, dedicated support team provides white-glove service. We'll work with you to determine how best to migrate your competency management to our platform.  

We'll walk you through step-by-step outline of the process, informed by the dozens of successful digital implementations we've performed.


Guided Implementation

Navigating the implementation process for any new enterprise software can be tricky.

That's why StaffGarden's in-house dedicated support team helps nurse leaders train for and set up your newly digital competency management platform.

Our team walks administrators through the platform from beginning to end, with customized IT support, security, legal, and more.


Ongoing Support

As healthcare organizations grow and change, Roots customization helps to scale competency management processes to ensure that all employees receive the training and development they need to perform their roles effectively.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the adoption process is streamlined and that your team is fully equipped to leverage the benefits of Roots automation.


StaffGarden Steps up

We’ll walk you through digital competency management from beginning to end, with customized onboarding, IT support, security, legal, and more.

customize to optimize

Roots customization allows organizations to create personalized development plans for each employee based on their individual needs and career goals. This approach can help increase employee engagement and motivation, leading to improved business outcomes.

personalized employee development

Roots automation of competency management allows healthcare organizations to identify gaps in employee competencies and create personalized development plans to fill those gaps. This can help employees grow in their careers, feel more engaged with their work, and ultimately provide better care to patients.


Rooted in functionality

StaffGarden’s expertise in software functionality and user experience allows you to focus on developing robust competency assessment for your nurses.


programs custom-built in staffGarden grow, at hospitals big and small


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Millions Saved In Projected Turnover Reduction Over 4 Years at a partner hospital

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