Grow Scalable Reporting.

Access a range of customizable reports, allowing you to tailor your analysis to specific departments, leadership teams, or metrics.

Get the real-time information you need to make data-driven decisions that improve the effectiveness of your Clinical Ladder Program.

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Strategic Dashboards for Informed Decision-Making

Real-time reportability and data synergy enable data-driven decisions to identify rising stars and understand your organization's true value.

Dynamic Dashboards

StaffGarden Grow provides flexible and scalable dashboards with customizable filters to aggregate organizational data across the Clinical Ladder Program.

Actionable Insights

StaffGarden Grow reports reveal actionable insights into nurse certifications, locations, and progress towards your organization's goals.


Robust Reports

Unparalleled reportability and data synergy across the organization, down to the granular level.

Magnet Reporting
Easily showcase insight into your nurses’ achievements by quickly accessing data and project evidence to prove exemplary performance standards.
Population Metrics
StaffGarden Grow is able to capture department, facility, business unit, and region for each employee.
Ladder Engagement
Determine program effectiveness by knowing which nurses are engaging with the clinical ladder, how many nurses are using a given piece of evidence, and more.
Applications & Approvals
Identify rising stars by getting an overview of ladder application and approval statuses at every single level within your organization.

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StaffGarden's Grow platform aligns with the specific needs and goals of healthcare institutions in an environment of data-driven decision-making.


lower turnover among nurses using grow, compared to their peers


annual decrease in estimated admin costs Via Grow At A Partner Hospital


Millions Saved In Projected Turnover Reduction Over 4 Years at a partner hospital

Grow: Explained

See all of StaffGarden Grow's features, plus a ROI analysis, and a detailed rundown of the guided implementation process.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can reports be exported?

Yes! Reports can be downloaded and exported into whichever system you choose, including Excel, Oracle, Workday, FTP, and more.

Who can view reports?

Your program administrator can determine permissions levels for accessing department-level and system-level reports.

Do you need to download Grow to access reports?

Grow is a web based application. No downloads required. Users just need to visit the web address given by the organization.

What can the StaffGarden team help me with?

We can answer any questions that are connected with the workflow of Grow. Entering information, uploading documents, profile data, and login issues. When it comes to the specifics of your program (levels, application approvals, etc.) please reach out to your program admins.

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